Adult Learning Programme

Programme objectives

  • To strengthen and develop cooperation and to create networks and partnerships between contributors to adult learning from the participating countries so as to promote the development of quality and innovation in adult learning in the participating countries.
  • To stimulate and develop adult learning, formal, non-formal as well as informal learning, organised by educational institutions, private and public companies, organisations, organisations for “folkeopplysning*” and NGOs.

*The term "folkeopplysning" literally means “popular enlightenment”. The term is usually used when referring to adult education in the broadest sense, with less emphasis on vocational or formal training in specific subjects.

Target groups and participation

The Nordplus Adult Learning Programme is aimed at:

  • Organisations, institutions and schools working with adult learning, informal, non formal as well as formal learning, in formal and non-formal learning institutions, through learning at work, or in social life.
  • Organisations, institutions and schools in general education and vocational training, “folkeopplysning”, special needs education as well as social partners and NGOs.
  • Teachers, other staff members and decision makers working with adult learning
  • Adult learners in organised learning programmes

An application to the programme must be submitted by a responsible organisation or institution from one of the participating countries. Applicants are encouraged to involve several of the above mentioned target groups as partners or participants.
Programme activities

The programme may support:

  • Mobility activities
  • Project activities
  • Network activities

Further definition of the programme activities under the Nordplus Adult Learning Programme is included in the Nordplus Programme Handbook.

CIRIUS, Denmark, is chief administrator (CA) for the Nordplus Adult Learning Programme.

The co-administrators from the State Education Development Agency in Latvia are:
Linards Deidulis (e-mail:, phone: +371 67830837; +371 29554403)

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