Horizontal Programme

Programme objectives

  • To support cross-sectoral network and project activities
  • To contribute to improved synergy and cooperation in the context of life-long learning 
  • To support innovative projects spanning traditional categories and sectors, which can tackle new, different, broader or more complex issues and challenges 
  • To support innovative language projects 
  • To promote more outward-looking Nordic cooperation and support cooperation with countries beyond the Nordic and Baltic regions 
  • To support, contribute to and draw benefit from European processes in the area of education (particularly the Bologna and Copenhagen Processes)

Target groups and participation

The Nordplus Horizontal Programme is aimed at all individuals, institutions, organisations and bodies in the participating countries having education and life long learning as their main objective or working in the area of education and life-long learning.

An application to the programme should involve several and a variety of the above mentioned target groups as participants and must be submitted by institutions, organisations or bodies in the participating countries. Applications may include participants from other countries.
Programme activities

The programme supports cross-sectoral project and network activities that are horizontal and innovative in a variety of ways, e.g. horizontal as regards Nordplus participating countries, participants, partners, sectors, methods, issues, themes, products and results and dissemination potential.

Examples of cross-sectoral network and project activities could include:

  • workshops
  • experience exchange seminars 
  • conferences
  • studies and analyses
  • statistics projects
  • projects aiming to exploit the results of research done in the area of education
  • production of innovative language learning, teaching and translation materials or similar materials in other subject areas 
  • creation of innovative course modules using new learning and teaching platforms
  • dissemination, distribution and exchange of results and experiences in education.


Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU), Norway, is chief administrator for the Nordplus Horizontal Programme.
The co-administrators from the State Education Development Agency in Latvia are Linards Deidulis (e-mail: linards.deidulis@viaa.gov.lv, phone: +371 67830837; +371 29554403)

More information on: www.nordplusonline.org