Junior Programme

To strengthen and develop cooperation and to create networks of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools (general or vocational) in the participating countries to promote the development of quality and innovation.

Target groups and participation

  • The Nordplus Junior programme is aimed at:
  • Classes/pupils in primary and secondary schools
  • Teachers and pedagogical staff in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools
  • School principals in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools
  • Other pedagogical staff of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools
  • Individual students/pupils in secondary education
  • Organisations or institutions involved with, working in or having vested interests in the area of school education.

An application to the programme must be submitted by a pre-school, primary or secondary school or other organisation involved with school education from one of the participating countries. Applicants to the programme are encouraged to involve several of the above mentioned target groups as partners or participants.
Programme activities are mobility, networks and projects.

The programme may support:

  • Mobility of classes/pupils in primary and secondary education
  • Mobility of individual pupils in secondary education
  • Individual pupil mobility includes workplace based education and training for both vocational education pupils and pupils in secondary education (theoretical).
  • Mobility of teachers and other pedagogical staff in pre-school, primary and secondary education.
  • Teacher mobility includes teacher exchange (“job-switching”) between schools, teacher round-trip, which enables the teacher to take part in the education/to teach in several schools in different countries.
  • Mobility in the form of preparatory visits, work experience visits, etc.
  • Network activities

The programme may also support:

  • Development projects
  • The development projects shall focus on enhancing pedagogical methods, in accordance with the annual priorities.
  • In the field of vocational education the development projects shall enhance quality and recognition issues related to the Copenhagen process.
  • Contact seminars


The co-administrators from the State Education Development Agency in Latvia are:
Linards Deidulis (e-mail: linards.deidulis@viaa.gov.lv, phone: +371 67830837; +371 29554403)

More information on: www.nordplusonline.org