Logo 2020

SkillsLatvia is a national skills competition for VET students. It is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event.

Successfully maintained the selection at national level competition young professionals acquire to represent the Latvian national team at international level competitions EuroSkills and WorldSkills.


About SkillsLatvia:

  • is a national skills competition for students of vocational education programs;
  • the competition takes place annually starting from 2017;
  • at the competition students of vocational education establishments present the excellence of their skills by competing in 16 professions;
  • serves as a pre-selection competition for further participation of young professionals at the European and international level competitions EuroSkills and WorldSkills by representing the national team of Latvia on the international level there.

Professional skills competition:

  • contribute to the prestige of vocational education establishments, the self-esteem of students, their enthusiasm and motivation to master the study program better, help to improve their employability and competitiveness upon joining the labour market;
  • create close cooperation with industry experts in developing tasks of professional skills competitions and evaluation criteria of performance in professions which further contribute to ensuring compliance with the content of vocational education with changing labour market requirements;
  • raise the public awareness of vocational education as a value for knowing the selection of the career path, encourages students of general education establishments to choose to master vocational qualifications demanded on the labour market, including science and technology-intensive professions after completing elementary education.