I. Application conditions

Citizens from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships for Latvian citizens can apply for the Latvian state scholarships. To see countries, citizens of which are eligible to apply for the scholarships, look at the section ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS.

Language of instruction at Latvian higher education institutions is mainly Latvian, however there are a few study programmes offered in English. Information about studies at Latvian universities, available study programmes and practical information you can find on Study in Latvia website www.studyinlatvia.lv .

Applications for bachelor`s and the first level of professional higher education studies will be accepted from students who have successfully completed at least one academic year of studies (at their home higher education institution or at a Latvian higher education institution, if they already have been studying in Latvia) at the moment of application (February, March 2024).

Scholarships for bachelor`s  and master`s  studies are granted for one academic year – a time period up to 10 months (for PhD-students – up to 11 months).

Scholarship for master`s studies in the study programmes of Latvian philology, Latvian literature, Latvian culture and Latvian history can be granted for two academic years, i.e. for the duration of master`s study programme.

If a student wants to continue her/his studies in Latvia for one more year, she/he has to re-apply for the Latvian scholarship. The Latvian scholarship can be awarded not more than for two consecutive terms to one individual.

The academic year in Latvia lasts from 1st September to 30th June.

II. Application procedure (open call 1st February 2024, deadline 1st April 2024)

An applicant has to register in the system and make a profile with a unique login and password.


After that an application form can be filled in on-line and necessary documents can be attached there as well. The system will require following documents to be uploaded:

studies scholarships Latvia

*Abbreviation HEI reads as “higher education institution”

Only confirmation letter prepared by the contact person of the HEI using a unified template letter will be considered as valid.

CV Europass template: europass.cedefop.europa.eu

All documents, which are not in Latvian or English, shall be translated into Latvian or English.

Any incomplete applications will not be considered.

If applicants are nominated by a competent authority of their countries – Ministry of Education, Agency for Education etc. –, they have to contact the authority and send application documents to the authority as well, if required.)

III. Financial provisions

The amount of the Latvian state scholarship for studies is:

Latvian state scholarships 2024
  • All study programmes in English at Latvian higher education institutions are not free of charge. The Latvian scholarship holder can use the scholarship for covering of the tuition fee or for accommodation and meals. Please take into account that the amount of the scholarship is not high enough to cover all expenses in Latvia.
  • In limited numbers the host higher education institution provides the scholarship holder with a place in a students’ dormitory or a guesthouse.
  • The Latvian scholarship cannot be awarded concurrently with other scholarships.
  • Scholarship holders are required to make their own arrangements for insurance coverage. 
  • Scholarships for applicants from one country may not exceed 10% from the total grant amount for study scholarships. 

IV. Evaluation of applications and information on results

All applications will be evaluated and the final decision on granting scholarships will be made by the evaluation committee of VIAA.

All candidates will receive an official decision sent by e-mail in June 2024 and will be available on the profile of the candidate on the on-line application system.

Please visit the website of the VIAA for useful links to information sources for foreign students in the Republic of Latvia.

The Latvian state scholarship shall be granted according to the Cabinet Regulation No. 68 “Procedures for Granting Scholarships to Foreigners” (in Latvian - "Stipendiju piešķiršanas kārtība ārzemniekiem"), adopted 24 January 2012.

Additional information on the scholarships granted by VIAA can be obtained in the Study in Latvia Unit, Educational Guidance and International Affairs Department, VIAA.

Marika Pīra

Senior Expert
marika.pira [at] viaa.gov.lv