Nordplus is a programme established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, whose projects aim to strengthen cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Baltic states by improving the education systems of the participating countries and by bringing innovation to them. The Nordplus programme supports projects that contribute to the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and networking.

The Nordplus programme was established in years of 1988 and 1989. Initially, only the Nordic countries participated in the programme, but since 2008 the Baltic states have also participated in the programme. The operation of the Nordplus programme is planned in the framework programmes every four years, with the implementation of the framework programmes by the State Education Development Agency since 2008 and the launch of the framework programme for 2018-2022 in 2017.

The programme enhances and introduces innovation in the education systems of the Nordic and Baltic states. The activities of the Nordplus programme are implemented on an agreement between educational institutions and organisations in the member states of the programme. The Nordplus programme supports projects that contribute to the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and networking.

State Education Development Agency provides the function of Nordplus national information office in Latvia. The tasks of the Agency is to inform and advise applicants and implementers about Nordplus projects and to participate in project selection and monitor their implementation.

The Nordplus programme consists of five sub-programmes:

Nordplus programme

  • promotes the learning of Nordic cultures and languages, as well as the mutual understanding of the languages and cultures of the Nordic and Baltic states;
  • contributes to the quality and innovative development of lifelong learning;
  • supports, develops and promotes the dissemination of innovative results and approaches to education, sharing experience and informing about the best practices;
  • strengthens and develops cooperation between Nordic education institutions and the establishment of the Northern region and Baltic education area.

Nordplus programme's member states

The Baltic and Nordic countries participate in the programme: Denmark (including Greenland and the Faeroe Islands), Finland (including the Aaland Islands), Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Participation in Nordplus programme

Organisations whose main operational objective is the implementation of education or life-long learning, as well as those working in the field of education or life-long learning can participate in the programme. Projects must be submitted by legal entities.

Allocation of the funding

In the Nordplus programme the funding can be granted for the:

  • mobilities;
  • projects;
  • networks.

Programme funding will be allocated to activities carried out in one of the member states of the programme and implemented by representatives of the member state. Where appropriate for the network or project partners, participants from other countries may participate in the implementation of activities.

Nordplus managment system

The management system of Nordplus is composed of an association of five national programme agencies. It includes national agencies from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has currently approved the Icelandic Centre for Research - Rannis for the administrative body responsible for the Nordplus programme.

Nordplus search for partners

Databases of the institutes of the countries involved in the projects in:

  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Norway (this website is in Norwegian, but by searching for a specific school and clicking on the exclamation mark right across the schools title you can find contact information for the school you're looking for. Grunnskoler - elementary school, videregående skoler - highschool. Each school group can be sorted out by a title (skolenavn), city (kommune) or by region (fylke))
  • Search for a Partner - Nordplus partner searching website.

Nordplus handbook (2018-2022): in English and Scandinavian languages.

More information about the programme:

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