Nordic Languages Programme

The Nordic languages programme is a second cross-sectoral programme that promotes the learning of Nordic languages for children and young people and supports the development of teaching materials, methods and strategies for these languages in education systems at all levels. This programme also promotes transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in the learning of Nordic languages.


  • promotes Nordic learning for children and young people;
  • promotes the development of Nordic language teaching materials, methods and strategies in education and training systems at all levels.

Programme's target audience

Anyone who is interested in the learning, teaching, distribution of Nordic languages.

Activities of the programme

Within the framework of the programme, financial support for the implementation of the following activities may be provided:

  • development of teaching methods and materials for the learning, teaching of Nordic languages;
  • projects aimed at informing the public;
  • research projects;
  • conferences, seminars;
  • projects aimed at the development of terminology and creation of dictionaries;
  • publications;
  • language projects;
  • development projects and other activities that develop pedagogical and didactic techniques.

Project applicant and partners:

  • pre-school education institutions, primary schools, secondary and vocational education institutions;
  • higher education institutions, research institutions;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • private enterprises.

An application for participation in the programme shall be submitted by one of the educational institutions which shall take on the coordinating role when applying for the funding of the programme. The responsibility of the coordinator for the duration of the contract will be to monitor the use of the activities and the funding allocated.

At least one partner must be involved in the cooperation project or network involved from another member state of the programme.

All cooperation activities should be based on an agreement between the institutions of the member states.

Funding of the programme

Funding can be allocated to direct implementation costs of 75% of the project or network budget. The contribution of the member states and organisations, together with the financial contribution, may also include working hours dedicated to the Nordplus project. The estimate of the budget of the application may also include travel, accommodation, administration, etc. The application must be accompanied by a detailed budget for the project.

The application must be submitted in English or in one of the Nordic languages (Danish, Swedish or Norwegian).

Project preparation

Nordplus projects can be submitted in electronic form using Nordplus project application and reporting management tool Espresso. Instructions for use of the Espresso have been prepared for user comfort (it's meant for the Junior programme, but it can also be used by project applicants in other programmes):

User and help guide when applying in Nordplus Junior programme

For project applications submitted for the implementation of projects or networking activities, the application should be accompanied by a project budget for which Nordplus budget form is recommended.


Nordic language programme is administrated by Icelandic Center for Research – Rannis.

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Linards Deidulis

Senior Project Manager
linards.deidulis [at]