EuroSkills 2021

The international professional skills competition for young people EuroSkills 2021 plans to take the place this year from September 22 to 26 in Graz, Austria. Candidates for the Latvian team are currently selected, but the professional development activities of the Latvian team members will be resumed when EuroSkills 2021 organizers will deliver official confirmation by mid-June about the competition actually happening.

About 450 participants from 31 European countries plan to take part in the EuroSkills 2021 competition. Participants will demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in 43 skills competitions. The competition aims to test the performance of competitors in seven professional categories such as construction and building, manufacturing and mechanical engineering, information and communication technologies, creative arts and fashion, services and transportation, logistics and presentation skills. Find out more on the international competition website.

Latvia's participation in the EuroSkills 2021 competition is ensured by VIAA by implementing the project “Career Support in General and Vocational Education Institutions”, which is financed by the European Social Fund and the Latvian state.

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