Horizontal Programme

The Horizontal programme is a cross-sectoral programme providing new and wider cooperation opportunities in life-long education by supporting such activities as seminars, conferences, innovation courses, etc.


  • improves cooperation in the field of education in the Nordic and Baltic regions;
  • unifies various Nordplus programmes and provides new and expanded cooperation opportunities;
  • supports innovative, complex and challenging cross-sectoral projects;
  • supports cooperation in the context of lifelong education;
  • supports innovative language projects.

Programme's target audience

Nordplus Horizontal programme is meant for all institutions and organisations of the member states participating in the programme and whose main purpose is education. The final target group of the programme can be any person.

Activities of the programme

Within the framework of the programme, financial support is provided for cross-sectoral cooperation comprising at least two sectors from the other three Nordplus programmes (Nordplus Junior, Higher Education and Adult Education). Individual mobility is not funded. The following cross-sectoral activities are supported:

  • creative workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • analytical, statistical and research projects;
  • projects aimed at exploiting the results of educational studies;
  • material creating for innovative learning, teaching and translation of languages;
  • creating new teaching modules using new learning and teaching methods;
  • exchange, publication and dissemination of educational outcomes and experience;
  • cross-sectoral networks and projects based on the current Nordplus programme projects and networks.

Project applicant and partners

  • An application for participation in the programme shall be submitted by one of the educational institutions which shall take on the coordinating role when applying for the funding of the programme. The responsibility of the coordinator for the duration of the contract will be to monitor the use of the activities and the funding allocated.
  • Projects and networks should involve at least two partners from different member states of the programme. All cooperation activities should be based on an agreement between the member state's educational establishments or organisations.

Funding of the programme

The funding is allocated to direct implementation costs of 50% from the budget of the project or network. The contribution of the member states and organisations, together with the financial contribution, may also include working hours dedicated to the Nordplus project. The application budget may also include travel, accommodation, administration, etc. costs.

Project preparation

Nordplus projects can be submitted in electronic form using Nordplus project application and reporting management tool Espresso. Instructions for use of the Espresso have been prepared for user comfort (it's meant for Junior programme, but it can also be used by project applicants in other programmes):

For project applications submitted for the implementation of projects or networking activities, the application should be accompanied by a project budget for which Nordplus budget form is recommended.


Horizontal programme is administrated by Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education, Diku. 










Linards Deidulis

Senior Project Manager
linards.deidulis [at] viaa.gov.lv