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Steering education: From Engagement to Empowerment broadcast

On Thursday, June 8th, the Ministry of Education and Science and the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) invites everyone interested to watch online the second high-level international forum "Steering Education: From Engagement to Empowerment", which this year will be dedicated to changing the approach to adult education and skills development, both at organizational and national level.

Starting from 10.00 AM the event will be broadcast on the forum's website www.futures2050.lv, on the VIAA Facebook page, as well as on the portals Delfi.lv and LSM.lv. The event will be held in English, providing translation into Latvian.

This year's international forum "Steering Education: From Engagement to Empowerment" will provide a unique opportunity to listen to world - class futurists and experts from Switzerland, the USA and Finland speaking about the future of interaction of people, skills and technologies. Education and business sector leaders, politicians and public partners will participate in discussions on global trends of adult education and its development in Latvia. The forum will be opened by The Minister of Education and Science Anda Čakša.

"Now is the moment when we need to be able to cooperate not only with different people, but also with new technologies, adding high human value to it. The development of knowledge and skills at the organizational, national, and individual level requires a new approach, and our task is to create an adult education system that is able to unlock the potential of every person, helping to adapt to today's changing conditions," emphasizes The Minister of Education and Science Anda Čakša.

"Similar to last year, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, we have organized an education visionary forum to look at the overarching challenges of education of the future that is almost here. By listening to world-renowned futurists let us find inspiration for the decisions needed to bring visible changes in adult education and skills development. The experience gained so far, thoughtfully investing in adult education almost 38 million euros over 8 years, confirms that in the current demographic situation, both the state and employers must continue to invest purposefully in their employees,” says Dita Traidās, Director of the State Education Development Agency.

The program of the event and more information about the international forum "Steering Education: From Engagement to Empowerment" is available on the forum's website www.futures2050.lv.

Alise Devjatajeva

Senior Expert
alise.devjatajeva [at] viaa.gov.lv