Call for applications for the Latvian state scholarships 2022/2023

In accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between Latvian government and a few countries Latvia offers scholarships to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff for studies and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs) in the 2022/2023 academic year. The Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia has delegated the administration of the Latvian state scholarships to the State Education Development Agency (Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra – VIAA).

In 2022, the call for research scholarships is not launched. 

I. Citizens from countries that have signed an Agreement* on co-operation in education and science

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Belgium (FederationWallonia - Brussels)
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Georgia
  9. Israel
  10. Italy
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. Kyrgyzstan
  13. Mexico
  14. Moldova
  15. Mongolia
  16. Peru
  17. Poland
  18. South Korea
  19. Spain
  20. Tajikistan
  21. The People`s Republic of China
  22. Turkey
  23. Turkmenistan
  24. Ukraine
  25. Uzbekistan
  26. Vietnam

Intergovernmental agreement*The Agreements can be found at the following links:

Other education field agreements

II. Citizens from countries that offer scholarships for Latvian studentsresearchers and teaching staff without formal agreements on co-operation in education and science

  1. Austria
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Denmark
  4. Estonia
  5. Germany
  6. Greece
  7. Hungary
  8. Iceland
  9. Indonesia
  10. Japan
  11. Lithuania
  12. Norway
  13. Slovakia
  14. Sweden
  15. Switzerland
  16. The United States of America


of the Latvian State scholarship for studies
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