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The Norway Grants research project scientists’ work recognized as the achievement in the science

Scientists group of the Norway Grant project “Innovative approach to hull-less spring cereals and triticale use from human health perspective” (NFI/R/2014/011) received a special award – diploma from President of Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS).

LAS evaluated more than 50 submitted proposals from the different fields of science and 11 of them were nominated as the most significant achievements of Latvian science in 2016. Additionally six scientific groups received diploma from President of the LAS.

Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) Faculty of Food Technology, LLU Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI), NIBIO (Norway), Riga Stradins University (RSU) have conducted a study about hull-less barley, oats and triticale growing possibilities in Latvia and Norway, developed technology for germinated flakes production by preserving biologically active compounds, additionally clinical studies were carried out about influence of germinated flakes on human health. The overall aim of the project is to increase a knowledge on impact of triticale and hull-less spring cereal species on human health potential.

More information about significant scientific achievements in science is avaliable in LAS website. More information about the Project NFI/R/2014/011 and projects Facebook page.