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Registration for the EEA and NFI launching event of the Latvian call has started

On 26 August 2020, the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia (IZM) will organize an online launching event for the Baltic Research Programme of the Latvian call. During the event, experts will introduce participants to the topics, challenges and priorities, strategic framework, preparation of project proposals and submission procedures of the Latvian call for proposals of the Baltic Research Programme. Also, a discussion will include reports on the progress of the programme in Estonia and Lithuania.

The online event will be attended by H.E. Kristian Ødegaard, the ambassador of Norway to Latvia, Mr Dmitrijs Stepanovs, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, Ms Dita Traidās, director of the State Education Development Agency, as well as industry experts and representatives from the Baltic States and Norway. Experts from the IZM will provide relevant information regarding the challenges and priorities of the Latvian call for project proposals. The experts from VIAA will address the preparation and submission of project proposals, but the senior advisor of the Research Council of Norway will present the strategic framework of the programme.

The launching event of the Latvian call highly welcomes the participation of scientists, research degree candidates, doctoral students and cooperation project managers from scientific institutions in Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Lithuania, as well as other countries. The launching event will take place on Zoom online from 10:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. The registration for the event will be open until 21 August 2020. The event will be held in English without translation. Before the event, all registered participants will receive the online event access link via e-mail.

Programme of the event

The opening of the Latvian call of the Baltic Research Programme will be announced on 19 August 2020 and will include five different topics for submission of project proposals. Information about the call and relevant documents will be made available on the website of the European Economic Area and Norwegian grants

The Baltic Research Programme is one of the activities of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Instrument Programme “Research and Education”, which strengthens the cooperation of the Baltic States in the field of research. The total available programme funding for the Latvian call is 7 541 272 euros.

Additional information:

Dace Purina
VIAA Research Funding Programme Department
Head of the European Economic Area and Norway Grants Programme Unit