Student of Riga State Technical School recognized as the best young professional in retail

At the National Young Professionals Skills Competition SkillsLatvia 2020 skills competition “Retail sales”, which took place on September 15 and 16 at Riga Tourism and Creative Industry Technical School (RTRIT), the best new sales professionals and potential applicants of the participation in the EuroSkills 2020 competition in Austria in January 2021 were identified.

The highest rating or 92.51 points was obtained by the future sales specialist of Riga State Technical School (RVT) Linards Andersons, leaving in second place with the result of 72.53 points the young professional of Riga Trade Vocational Secondary School (RTPV) Ieva Līga Kajaka. The third-place winner RTRIT student Rūdolfs Kristiāns Kozlovskis won 68.42 points in the competition.

The sales skills of the participants in the national skills competition for young professionals were assessed by industry professionals - experts: Iveta Liniņa, Associate Professor and Program Director of the Department of Business Administration of Turiba School of Business, Iveta Ozola, Member of the Board of SIA Valters un Rapa, and Jana Romanov, owner of Estere Nature Cosmetics.

In the international young professionals' mastery competition EuroSkills 2020, Latvian participants will participate in 16 skills competitions. The Latvian team will participate in the sales skills competition for the first time, and no national selection has taken place so far, because in 2020, due to the Covid-19 emergency situation, the national SkillsLatvia competition for young professionals was cancelled. In other skills competitions, the Latvian team members have been selected in the SkillsLatvia skills competitions for young professionals of previous years.

The photo gallery with the competition is available on the Flickr account of the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

SkillsLatvia competitions and the participation of the Latvian team in the EuroSkills 2020 competition are financed by the European Social Fund project “Career Support in General and Vocational Education Institutions” in order to promote the development of vocational education, international competitiveness and quality. The project is implemented by VIAA until 31 May 2022.