Stipendijas Valdību stipendijas
Ukrainas studentiem doktorantiem stipendijas

Ukrainian civilians who, due to the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine, were forced to flee to Latvia for security reasons will be able to continue their studies and research in Latvia. Students will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to continue their studies and researchers will have a support to continue academic or scientific work within existing research cooperation programs. The scholarship fund will be administered by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

Applications should be submitted through Latvian higher education or scientific institution. Individual applications will not be accepted. 

Students of all study levels enrolled in Latvian public or private higher education institutions (including colleges) will be able to receive a scholarship in the amount of 140 euros per month from the day of enrolment at Latvian higher education institution until the end of the semester - 30th June 2022.

In solidarity with the academic community of Ukraine, Latvian higher education and scientific institutions may offer internships to researchers from Ukraine at their institution. If the institution offers an internship (without remuneration) to researchers from Ukraine, the state will provide a research fellowship for scientific and academic work of 900 euros a month until 31st  August this year.