News EEA and Norway Grants
VIDEO: EEA/Norway Grants contribution to the development of research and mobility

The video material contains information on research projects implemented in Latvia in the field of social sciences, humanities and health and their partners in Norway, as well on scholarship projects and their partners in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants Programme “Research and Scholarships” are implemented 11 Research and 28 Scholarships activity projects with the total funding of the programme 5.5 million euro.

Principal researcher of project “Research of feminism and gender sociality” Prof.Ausma Cimdiņa admits: “The added value of the programme is that research projects work in synergy with the Scholarship activity, what gives to Latvian students an opportunity to gain knowledge and improve skills at Norwegian universities and research institutes.”

EEA and Norway Grants is a financial contribution of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein to reduce disparities between and strengthen bilateral relations with 15 countries in Europe, including Latvia. Through its projects, EEA and Norway Grants invest in various areas thus reducing the social and economic disparities and strengthening the relations between donor and beneficiary countries.

More information about project progress you can find at SEDA homepage section “EEA and Norway Grants”.

Watch the video here.