Young professionals will compete for the best title in agriculture

On September 23, 12 students from four vocational education institutions of the agricultural education programmes will compete for the title of the best future professionals in the Vidzeme Technology and Design Technical School's competition for young professionals in the agricultural sector.

Students from the Saulaine territorial structural unit of Kandava Agricultural Technical School, Malnava College, Vidzeme Technical and Design Technical School and Barkava structural unit of Jēkabpils Agribusiness College will participate in the competition. The competition is organized by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) in cooperation with the Priekuli Research Center and the Vidzeme Technology and Design Technical and the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics. Competition is organized to identify the best emerging young professionals in the industry, to promote the attractiveness of vocational education and to improve cooperation between employers and educational institutions.

The prepared tasks will test both the young people's theoretical knowledge, their ability to analyze the situation and their practical skills. The competition is divided into seven modules, where participants will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in agriculture and the environment, farming systems, soil and its treatment, crops and crop rotation and plant protection. At the same time, competitors will be able to prove their ability to work with the sprayer in the module Mechanization of Crop Production I, as well as in the sowing of mineral fertilizers in the module of Crop Production II.

National competitions are financed by the European Social Fund project “Career Support in General and Vocational Education Institutions”, co-financed by the Latvian state to promote the development of vocational education, international competetiveness and quality. The project is implemented by VIAA until 31 May 2022.