At the ceremony, the Ministry of Education and Science congratulates the winners of Euroskills 2016

Latvian national team visits the Latvian Embassy in Sweden

EuroSkills 2016 members take a short sightseeing tour around Stockholm

EuroSkills 2016 competition is over and the Latvian national team has received awards in four categories

EuroSkills 2016: The last day of the competition

Second day at EuroSkills 2016. Latvian team members have not lost their spirit and presenting achieved results

First day of competition: Team participants introduce themselves with the competition hall

EuroSkills 2016 contestants for the first time sees their working places where representatives from all 35 member states will compete for medals

EuroSkills 2016 competition opening ceremony

Latvian national team arrives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where they will compete for medals in competition with young professionals from other countries

Latvian national team members are on a way to EuroSkills 2016 competition in Gothenburg, Sweden

EuroSkills 2016 success keys of Latvian team members